This comment from Dino just reached out and grabbed my attention:

For me, the big change in my thinking came one day. I realized I was a
creation of God; made in God’s image. What I had been doing was
trashing my body–disrespecting my own body! Because I am loved by the
creator and because God cares about my daily struggles, I too
surrendered all my meager efforts to God. Part of respecting God’s
creation is pursuing strength, health and moderation. I saw (a) couple I

didn’t know in a restaurant so focused on their food that they were not
interacting with each other. I was moved to pity because I had been
doing the same thing. I was relating to food more than to the people in
my life. My priorities were so messed up. Now my second job is 4 hours
of stretching, reaching, lifting, squatting, all while using the smile
muscles and helping people. This is very satisfying. Sometimes I wear
ankle weights at my full-time job. I now see housework as an
opportunity to exercise, laundry as upper-body movement, and I don’t
deprive myself of restful periods (once seen as non-productive and
therefore useless). This site and all you people have been such an
inspiration to me not to lose sight of my goal! I have lose 20 lbs. and
am working toward another 30 or so. A digestive disorder affecting
absorption may be thwarting my efforts, so I must follow my physicians
instructions and see the specialists until diagnosis is confirmed and a
healthy plan is prescribed. I’m worth loving myself enough to follow
through–God said so.

Dino hit a lot of important points:

  • We are God’s creations.
  • We need to respect God, ourselves, and and take good care of ourselves.
  • Surrender everything to God, for the strength to be healthy and make right choices.
  • Relationships are more important than food.
  • You can exercise anywhere – especially at work – and work becomes a work-out.
  • This site, and all of us are important and helpful (you are, too, Dino).
  • There’s no giving up, even though Dino is halfway there.
  • Even though you may have some health challenges, work with your doctor and with God, and you will be OK.

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