Got a sweet tooth?  Crave something sweet, especially for nighttime eating, but don’t want a lot of calories or fat?  Are you a carbohydrate craver?  Want to lose weight — I’ve got an idea for you.  Try unsweetened applesauce for a snack.

A whole cup (a lot) of applesauce will provide only about 102 calories, and none to speak of from fat.  It gives a lot of vitamin C; almost 86% of your daily minimum requirements.  This data comes from, which also has a lot of other information you may be interested in.

While applesauce is not perfect, because it does get most of its calories from sugar, it does have some fiber in it, and vitamins, and is a far better choice for a snack instead of a candy bar, or ice cream.  If you are diabetic, of course consult with your doctor before snacking on applesauce.  Actually, everyone should consult with their doctor on a regular basis.

I find it a good thing for late night eating because it fills me up, has some substance to it (as juice or tea doesn’t), is very sweet and tasty.  Also, have a look at what I’ve written about nighttime eating, in this link.

You can get it in large glass jars, where it’s the least expensive, or in individual ½ cup servings in little plastic containers.  Those may be good for a snack on the go that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  Please don’t buy the sugared kind, that’s full of calories, and I think overly sweet.  Sprinkling some cinnamon, nutmeg or apple-pie spices on top makes it especially good.

Please try some unsweetened applesauce as a snack or dessert and let us all know what you think.

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