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I know from working with many weight loss clients, individually and in groups, helping with diet, nutrition, exercise, emotions and spiritual practices – that a lot of overweight and obesity problems are greatly relieved through relationships.  If you’re happy and getting love, then weight becomes a sideline concern.

Being in a committed relationship or marriage, or dating, greatly helps all aspects of your life.  Getting enough love and affection in a romantic partnership, on a regular basis, helps with weight loss.  I’ve seen it.

Therefore, I suggest to lose weight go on a date with your spouse, partner or new online friend.  Try doing something other than being centered on a meal: bowling, movies, hiking, a dance party.  If you do want to share a meal, make it very healthy and have a lot of vegetables and fruit, instead of high calorie items.

As one “no name” reader commented, it is sometimes very hard to find someone to date when you are overweight. That’s true.  Feeling bad about yourself isn’t exactly conducive to seeing or finding a partner or romantic friend.  I do remember what it was like when I was 400 pounds; it was not easy.  I will say, though, that finding a girlfriend was definitely a goal of mine, and a motivator to get healthier by eating less, beginning healthy activities, and trying to lose some weight.  Sure self image and self-esteem are important, and yes, it’s important to work on those.  My point here is that I don’t and never did feel I was very lovable, but I made the decision to not wait until I loved myself more or better to find someone to try a relationship with.  If my happiness depended on self-love, then I would have never found someone to this day!

Now, I love myself because of the love that God gives me, and the love I share in my marriage.

Have you experienced love in your relationship, that helped you with weight or eating/activity problems?  We’d love to be inspired by you – please post a comment below!

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