If you find yourself ravenous, go fibrous.  Eating foods with a lot of fiber in them, along with plenty of water, can give your stomach a delightful feeling of fullness.  Often, we seek out high fat and high-calorie foods that will satisfy, or we think they will. Those have negative side effects of possible weight gain, or clogged arteries, though, so be careful. Try high-fiber instead.  Over time, the new healthy habit can give you great rewards.

What foods have a lot of fiber (and very little fat, and fewer calories)?  Vegetables.  Beans. Fruits. Grains.

You may be surprised that raspberries and pears have a lot of fiber (8.0 and 5.1 grams respectively).  One cup of split peas, cooked, gives you 16.5 grams, and lentils, 15.6 grams.  Baked beans can be really satisfying: and a cup gives you 10.4 grams.

If you’re craving pasta, have the whole-wheat variety.  If it’s carbohydrates you crave, reach for a small bran muffin with raisins, or hot oatmeal.

How much fiber to eat in a day?  The Mayo Clinic online guide suggests women have 21 to 25 grams per day and men, 30 to 38 grams each day.  They have a good list of fiber content in foods there, too.

Even better, high-fiber foods scrub out your stomach and digestive system, and help you stay “regular.”  Some may help lower your cholesterol, such as oatmeal.

As always, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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