Should I
follow a “low-carb” diet, or should I do “low-fat?”
Ultimately, the decision is up to you and your doctor, and between you
and God–in partnership.

I personally believe in eating a little of
everything in moderation: a lot of vegetables and fruit, some meat, and
a few carbohydrates. I do pay attention to the USDA Food Guide Pyramid,
but only as a starting point. I also truly believe that God gave us
food instincts and cravings for good reason! We have mechanisms in us
that tell us what to eat. But be careful: As we live in a world that’s
saturated with advertising for foods that are not so healthy, our
natural instincts easily get stymied. Appetites can get influenced
just by being exposed to images and smells of tempting foods, and we
don’t need them.

There could be other reasons for being “hungry,” too.
Sometimes when we crave a lot of carbs it’s really our bodies saying we
need energy, which might be better found through exercise and rest.
When I want a lot of protein, that craving could mean a lot of
different things, like my amino acids are out of balance, or that I’m
working too hard – I need to look a little deeper.
I recommend following a simple, instinctual, healthy and balanced food
plan (in consultation with a doctor and with God).

Forget the fads and
try something you can sustain: reasonable, moderate portions of both
carbs and fats.

What food plan are YOU enjoying? Write a comment and tell us!

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