Here’s my “after Thanksgiving” list of how to get through the day and the weekend, and keep that warm glowing love and appreciation of relatives and friends.

1.    Hold your temper.  Don’t let anybody bother you or upset your equilibrium.
2.    If you overate, eat less today.
3.    Be sure to move, dance, do yoga, stretch, exercise.  You’ll feel better and release tension.
4.    Rest.  You worked hard.

5.    Read a book.
6.    Go for a peaceful walk in the woods, around the neighborhood, or in a park.
7.    Do not do any “processing” with family or friends.  Avoid confrontations.  Keep difficult emotions at bay.
8.    If someone is bothering you, silently remind yourself that you love them, count to ten, and go outside for some fresh air.
9.    Pray together.
10.    Get an early start home (unless you’re already at home), and travel slowly and carefully.

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