What’s some easy limit that you could experiment with today?  Try one, only one limitation, and see what happens.

If you are used to having seconds after your first helping of something, skip it.  Just say to yourself, “I’m satisfied with one. That’s enough.”

If you are shopping today, don’t buy everything you want.  Consider saying to yourself, “I don’t need that just now, I’ll wait.”

Perhaps you have a lot on your plate (don’t you love the metaphor?) at work.  Try taking a moment to identify what’s most important, and do that first – then one less important thing might be your limit for the day, and it might just wait until tomorrow.

Keep in mind what Mark Twain said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do day after tomorrow!”

If you’re having a hard time with trying one limitation today, finding it not so simple – say a prayer…

“God, I know only you are limitless.  I know I am limited.  Help me to enjoy my limitations and look to you for limitless love. Amen.”

Then, take a moment to truly savor your limitations.  Feel the limitless love of God.  Appreciate that you have done something very powerful today to achieve true, lasting satisfaction.

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