Congratulations are in store for all of us this morning.  We’re alive and well today, even thriving, and there’s work to be done!

This is the morning of hope’s survival.  We are ripe with the possibility of real change.  Love is in the air, and it’s filled with potential.  We realize God is again with us, as always.

In the U.S., we have a new President-elect.  We all came together and said, “yes, we can.”

Now, we can say, yes we will – by the grace of God.

It’s a whole new day, a true new start.  Out with the old ways and in with new modes of being. Even more, today we can together have a whole new belief that all is well once again, and we will be well.

Like the 15th-century English mystic, Blessed Juliana of Norwich, wrote, “All will be well, and all will be well, and all will be very well.” Blessed Juliana was expressing a new found confidence and trust in God. She had let her anxieties go; she had switched off the mental static.  She had found peace, with God at the center of her being.

So too, will we now find the peace, hope and spirit of possibility that connection with God offers.  We will take that Holy Presence with us into our lives this morning.  Not just because we have a new president that is committed to change and the unity of all, but that we never lost hope, and we worked hard for the possibility of this new morning.

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