In terms of what we know about relationships, small and annoying habits can add up to big relationship frustrations and even contribute to divorce. Here is one that falls into that category. It can begin innocently but turn toxic. It’s the habit of turning outside your relationship when problems erupt. Consider Julie. She was…

Do you know that couple who got married and couldn’t keep their hands off of each other? The PDA was intense for the first few months of their marriage. Did you think, wow they must really be into each other? Maybe, maybe not. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, couples…

Most of you won’t remember the old Newlywed Game that aired on television years ago. The goal of the game was to win by guessing your spouse’s right answer to a number of questions. If you matched answers, you could win the game. The game tested how well you knew the person you recently married. We all…

Jack and Jill are fighting again. Does this mean their relationship is going downhill? Not if you know that this is a common couple problem and that this issue has solutions. Intimate relationships can cause stress to the point of breaking vows and calling it quits. But couple problems have common themes and there are…

Linda Mintle

Linda Mintle

It is rare that a trained academic who speaks passionately to the heart of people providing real answers to real life problems is so relatable. Dr. Linda’s fun personality and expertise comes through whether she’s helping her audience stress less or make peace with their thighs!

Dr. Linda has her Ph.D. in Urban Health and Clinical Psychology and is a national expert on mental health. She has specialized in the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety, depression and pain management. With 30 years of clinical experience working with couples, families and individuals, she brings her common-sense approach to people who want to live in positive mental health.

Dr. Linda is also a bestselling author with 20 book titles to her credit, a radio host of the Dr. Linda Mintle show, professor, national speaker, winner of the Mom’s Choice Award, a national news consultant, featured writer for Beliefnet and hosts her own website. Her academic appointments keep her abreast of current research in her areas of expertise. Her media experience includes seven years as the resident expert for ABC Family’s Living the Life television show and regular appearances on network television and radio.

It is often said that being with Dr. Linda is like having coffee with a friend. She makes the complicated issues of relationships and mental health easy to understand and applicable to everyday living. The ease she has with people, coupled with her clinical training and experience makes her a sought-after speaker on college campuses, conferences and special events. Whether she is doing a TV skit with Tim Conway or discussing teen violence with Queen Latifa, Dr. Linda will entertain, educate and integrate faith and mental health in everyday living.

Check out her latest book co-authored with physician, Dr. James Kribs, Living beyond Pain, a whole-person approach to manage pain and get your life back.

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