There are times in our lives when we feel we are in a dark season. It’s like we have fallen into a  pit-physically, mentally, emotionally, financially or even spiritually. Things happen; sometimes because of our own doing. Other times, because of the actions of others. And still other times, because of disease and the brokenness of this world. During those times, it is easy to feel helpless and hopeless. Nothing we do seems to make things better. We can’t seem to crawl out of this dark place.

In Psalm 40, David found himself in a pit for reasons we don’t really know. And during that time, he did not experience instant relief from whatever difficulty he experienced. He was desperate. But his response to such despair is a model for us.

Nothing He did made a difference so He waiting patiently for the Lord to help him. David cried out to the Lord for help. Despite all his own efforts, he could not climb out of the pit by himself. He longed for relief from that “horrible pit and from the “miry clay” that had him stuck.

Can you relate to David? Have you felt trapped by some life circumstance or relationship? Are you stuck, unable to handle a problem and need help?

David tells us see that our cries for help to the Lord are not in vain. When David cried out to the Lord, the psalmist tells us that God inclined his ear. Picture God leaning down to listen to what you want to tell him. Then picture God leaning in closer in order to pick you up and rescue you from the pit.

To get out of a pit, tell the Lord your need. And then wait and renew your strength. God will pull you out of the pit! He did it for David. He can do it for us. His power is great. And when he pulls us out, the Lord puts our feet on solid ground. He establishes us, steadies our steps, and takes us out of despair and depression. He trades our despair and sorrow for joy and puts a song in our heart. Why would we not cry out to help from such a good God?

Right now, if you are in a dark place, pray, wait patiently and believe God can help you out of the pit. Trust God’s timing. When we trust God and wait for Him to move, He does and there is joy. Others will see the joy we have knowing our help comes from the Lord. All the glory goes to God. It’s not by our might, or our power, but by His Spirit.

Psalm 40 reminds us that we aren’t victims. We will have troubles and tribulations but God rescues us from the pit. So when you feel you are clawing your way out of a pit but just can’t seem to pull yourself out, cry to the Lord for help. He will be true to His Word. Remember, the Lord thinks about you, inclines His ear to listen to you, delivers you and is your source of help.

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