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workplace-1245776_1920“She’s so likable. I’d work with her any day.” What a great sentiment to hear from a co-worker. Likability is a trait that creates success in life. And you can boost that likability by intentionally doing a few things. First, begin with eye contact. When you are with other people, look around the room. Who is laughing and making eye contact? If it is you, then there is a good chance you are people enjoy being with you.

Second, be a good listener. This may seem obvious, but the more space you give others to answer questions in meetings, the more likable your are. People like to be heard. So waiting a few moments when a question is asked, not jumping in or interrupting can boost likability.

If you are trying to get someone on your side and support you, pay attention to your nonverbal. Nodding your head when you speak unconsciously prompts the person to agree with you. Your head nod, along with your words, conveys truth and a desire to be on your team.

And here is a surprising one. Look at the person’s feet when they are talking to you. As crazy as it sounds, the direction of their feet tells you if they are interested or listening to you. If the feet are pointed away from you, you’ve lost them; pointed towards you, they are with you!

Next, think name recognition. How frustrating is it when you have spoken to someone for 10 minutes and they forget your name? It is easy to do unless you repeat their name several times in the conversation. So repeat their name but do it naturally, not as a memory trick for you. To boost your likability power, try using their name at least three times in the first 5 minutes of conversation.

Finally, here is one more we don’t often think about. It involves our hands. If your palms are open, this creates trust, friendliness and openness. Don’t point, use your palms. Pointing feels rude to people so boot the likability with an open hand.

All in all, attending to a few easy verbal and nonverbal behaviors can boost your likability. And who doesn’t want this edge to go further in life?

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