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eating spagettiDuring coffee one morning, Rita said, “I wonder if I have a food problem.” She isn’t alone. You may be thinking the same. Here are 15 questions to ask yourself when it comes to food or eating problems:

1. Do I constantly think about food, my body or my weight?

2. Does the thought of eating make me feel anxious?

3. Am I afraid I’ll get fat?

4. Do I keep eating when I’m not physically hungry?

5. Am I having trouble knowing if I am physically hungry?

6. Do I eat until I feel sick?

7. Do I weigh myself several times a day or week?

8. Am I upset if I miss exercising?

9. Do I think that controlling the food portions I eat makes me a better person?

10. Do I make myself throw up after I’ve eaten?

11. Have I taken laxatives to lose weight?

12. Do I use weight loss products?

13. Do I feel like food has taken control of me?

14. Do I eat when I feel unpleasant emotions?

15. Do I hate my body?

If you answered YES to a number of these questions, you may have an eating disorder or show early signs of developing one. The sooner you do something about your attitudes and feelings toward food, the more you can avoid falling prey to unhealthy patterns. Call a mental health professional and get an evaluation today!

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