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Blue Christmas TreeIt’s a familiar part of the Christmas story.Luke 1: Zechariah is told by the angel, Gabriel, that his wife Elizabeth would have a child. This proclamation was surprising because Elizabeth and Zechariah were infertile and had been praying for a child for years. Now, past the normal age of child bearing, the couple was living in the reality of disappointment.

  • Most of us are can relate to barren places in our lives. We have experienced disappointment in a job, relationship, dream or health. Whether that disappointment is over a physical infertility or some other type of barren place, disappointment can easily settle in. We can give up on our dreams and feel that time has passed us by.Yet, in the biblical account of Elizabeth and Zechariah, against all odds, Elizabeth conceived and her desire was granted.As we picked apart this passage, several points are made:1) Disappointment happens to good people.

    2) Don’t believe that just because you are getting older, life is passing you by and your dreams won’t be fulfilled. Our later years can be times of great fulfillment. We don’t always understand the timing of God. But His timing is always best.

    3) Like Zechariah, we must continue to pray and contend for the goodness of God. In Luke 1: 13, the angel tells Zechariah, “Your prayer has been heard.” Never doubt: God hears our prayers.

    4) Miracles happen.

    5) Great joy comes from God

    When we are in those barren times, it is easy to think that God forgets us or that we aren’t that important to God. However, God wants us to stand fast in prayer and believe for those desires of our hearts.

    Luke 1:58 says that God showed great mercy to Elizabeth. The character trait of mercy is still true of God today. God wants to show great mercy to us as well.

    So if you are feeing barren in your life this Christmas, if you are living with disappointment, one of the messages of the Christmas story is that God wants to do something miraculous in your life. He delights in showing you great favor.




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