Doing Life Together



I had to laugh as I watched the commercial. A woman and man were running towards each other just like you see in an old romantic movie. But as they get nearer and nearer, arms stretched out ready for an embrace, they by pass each other. The woman’s face drops, she cries and looks distressed. As she lifts her head, a red sweater is hanging on a clothes line in front of her. The tag line, “The man may leave you, but the sweater never will!”

Hardly a Hallmark moment!

But the idea that a gift can bring you joy is only true for a moment. More is needed for continuous joy! And there is one gift that lasts for a lifetime and brings comfort and joy. It’s not the sweater!

My mom’s Hummel Nativity scene greets you when you walk in the door. I love this time of year. The house is lit up with lights, candles glow in the evenings, and the fireplace warms the house as we enjoy the beauty of the tree. But the manager scene is front and center as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. It is the reason we are joyous.

God gave us a gift, HIs Son sent as a baby.

This gift is not for one year, but lasts for all the years to come. And this gift continues into eternity. It is the gift of eternal life spent with God.

No dream destination can match this prize. No sweater, car, new gadget or money can bring such comfort and joy.

Today, on Christmas, receive the gift of God’s Son. It is freely given. JOY TO THE WORLD, THE LORD HAS COME!

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