OK I admit, I am a little stuck on celebrity issues these past few days. That is what happens when I jump on the Arc machine at the Y and stay on it for 60 minutes. So here is the latest celebrity news that upset me.

I watched E-News and saw an interview with Joe Jonas, the middle brother of the Jonas trio. For years, my daughter was enamored with the Jonas Brothers so I feel like I kind of know the boys. I liked the fact that they were clean cut and sang lyrics that weren’t demeaning girls and telling them to have sex with anything that moves.

But Joe, come on. He was debuting his new music video. The video was about a love relationship and showed him and another girl naked in a bath tub (the shot was quick and you couldn’t see any significant body parts but the picture looked like they were nude in the tub together) . What does that say to screaming tweeners?

He was also in bed, half dressed with a girl that we later see in a tee and panties. Let’s just say they were both quite physical.

Joe Jonas in a hook up? NO I yelled at the monitor, “Joe, WHY did you have to do that!” Then Joe tells me he is going on tour with Britney Spears!!!OK my world didn’t collapse but I was really bummed. Wonder what Mama Jonas thought of that video? How about his pastor?

The one group (I’m still holding hope for Taylor Swift) I thought was relatively G rated now has one member going PG13 and touring with Spears. It’s so disappointing. The video makes it look like Joe Jonas is like the rest of the secular culture, bedding a woman he has feelings for and making it look like it’s the normal course of relationships.

A lot of moms won’t like what their baby girls are going to see with Joe’s new video. To be fair, compared to most music videos, this one is mild and even sweet in moments, but this is a Jonas Brother! I don’t want to see him in bed like every other pop star. I wanted him and his brothers to buck the odds and hold on to those Christian values. Remember the purity rings?

Taylor Swift–Don’t let me down.

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