I hesitated to write about Kate Gosselin because  last time I did, I was immediately thrown in to one of two camps–the haters and the supporters. I’m neither. I do not hate Kate, nor do I support a number of her actions.

My concern–her reality about reality TV does not seem to be based in reality.

Monday night was the finale of Kate Plus Eight. Her reality TV show is retired and she told E-News that she wakes up at night wondering how she will provide for her kids. She is gripped with fear regarding the future for her family financially.

Here is what what I do not get about Kate’s thinking.

How much money has Kate made during her six years of television, her stint on Dancing With the Stars and from her endorsements, book sales, speaking engagements and appearances.  Here are the numbers from MyFoxPhilly  back in 2009.

a)  Jon and Kate plus Eight –30,000 an episode

b) Kate Plus Eight– $250,000 an episode.

c) Dancing With the Stars–$600,000

d) Her first book, Multiple Blessings sold over 500,000 copies and she got an advance and royalties on her books. So even if she netted a dollar a book (and it had to be more than that) we are talking half a million on book one. Her second book, Eight Little Faces debuted at #5 on the New York Times Bestseller list. Her third book, I Just Want to Know You, was #103.

e) She and Jon reportedly charged $25-40,000 for appearances for speaking engagements.

Celebrity net worth has her worth at about 5 million dollars. Now, I know she has expenses but even if this number is way off and she is worth a mere million, she should not be sweating how to financially take care of her kids.

So why is this mom gripped with fear about future finances?

The money she has earned from her celebrity should easily support a family of nine.

Both of my parents came from families with 8 and 7 children respectively and had very little income. They might have been considered lower middle class, yet they all turned out great and had wonderful families. Their strong work ethic and character were not financed.

So Kate, I’m sorry that your income source has dried up for now. But you have earned way more money than most American families ever dream of, kids or no kids. And your bold pitch to any producer  for a talk show or some other television show only confirms that celebrity is your choice for the future. If  you like being a celebrity, admit it. Don’t use your children to fuel your dream.



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