The Polar Vortex is no joke – North America has recently experienced extremely low temperatures that’s made most of the country nearly shutdown. The negative temperatures outside have left many stranded in airports, unable to go to school and work, or just frustrated by the relentless cold. Sadly, the frigid weather has already caused several deaths.

Americans and Canadians are just waiting it out as best they can.

I’ve spent these past few days in Pennsylvania where the temperatures has gone to -9 F. And that’s not even counting the wind chill factor. I keep thinking of the animals who are stuck outdoors when owners don’t take them inside. Even worse, my heart goes out to the homeless who, for some reason or another, are not in shelters across the country.

Here’s a prayer I wrote for those struggling these past few days with the cold.


Dear Lord,

As you provide us with daily needs,

such as shelter, a warm bed, and plenty of food,

may we be reminded of the others outside in the cold,

who need love, warmth, compassion and help.

We pray for the homeless who are too old or sick to get to a shelter,

or for those who have no place to go.

May You wrap them in your warmth and love,

and keep them safe these next few days.

In Jesus’ name we pray,



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