Discoveries of a Wanderer

I have recently joined the American (and) global club of being unemployed. Whew, it’s tough to even write that. Besides my sweet deal here at Beliefnet of being a blogger, I’m looking for new jobs so I can get back into the workforce. This means that money, mulah, ka-ching or $$$ will be low and tight.

Work for many of us is such an emotional thing, too. It’s a way to connect, to make a difference, to help others. It’s also a way to live out one’s faith.

At this point I’m slowly learning that struggle is part of the human condition or the human experience. I feel that it’s my attitude that will really make a difference in this whole journey. Will I take each day as a chance for something new? Yes, I’ll try. I want to keep upbeat and positive although I know it will be difficult. I’m praying for strength for myself and others going through this.

Overall this feels like a way for me to trust in God that He will take care of me. I have terrific family and friends that are providing help, ideas, contacts, and more.

Taking it just day by day with a healthy attitude, faith, and support really could make all the difference in the world.

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