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Sponsor in Bolivia The opportunities that God places at your doorstep can be amazing.


On July 30th I will be traveling with World Vision staff members and several other American bloggers to Bolivia – a country full of history, mystery, and hope.


Our group will join with Bolivian community leaders to take a look at World Vision child sponsorship programs. I am looking forward to understanding the status of children’s health and education within the country. I know that Bolivians will teach me so much about their culture. I want understand their ideas as to how we can all best help their children. It is with great appreciation that I am invited into such an opportunity.


You can be a part of the journey too! Check out how you can sponsor a child in Bolivia and help ensure that Bolivian kids have access to clean water, healthy food, and an education.


Check back to World Vision’s blog and my own personal blog to read about our experiences in Bolivia. Discover how God is challenging our hearts and minds – and giving hope to those in Bolivia!
Sponsor in Bolivia

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