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We are surrounded by energy. Your body absorbs or repels different types of energy daily. Negative energy affects you in a negative way. It disrupts your chakra alignment, causes physical problems, and shows up as problems in your relationships.

How does negative energy affect you?

1. Body aches and pains.

These pains and aches aren’t the ones you get from working too hard. Negative energies put strain on your body. It overloads adrenal glands, wrecks havoc on the digestive system, and even affects your lungs.
You have stomach aches. And, it’s not because of the food you ate. You feel worn out. The adrenal glands are reacting to stress and releasing adrenaline. You feel aches and pains all over your muscles.
Lungs release energy. When you’re sad or angry, the energy stays inside your lungs. Sorrow stays in your lungs, and you feel short of breath. There’s a dull headache. Your crown chakra is under attack by negative energy.

2. Anxiety, anger, guilt.

Ever feel anxious and not know why? Or feel anxious whenever a certain person is around you? Negative energy brings out anxiety. Negative energy makes you feel bad about yourself. It makes you doubt yourself, get angry, or feel guilty. All that negative self-talk you’re suddenly having might not be owned by you. You might be re-telling yourself a story or lie that someone else believes about you.
If you’re an empath, you pick up other people’s emotions. Anxiety, anger, guilt, sadness… these negative energies cling to you. You’ll feel like you’re stuck in mud. To remove the emotions do a cleansing ritual, such as taking a long, hot shower or bath.

3. Negativity follows you wherever you go.

Like attracts like. If your aura is attacked by negativity or has negativity clinging to it, chances are you’ll be attracting negativity. Negative people will seem to pop up wherever you go. You’ll find yourself having more arguments. Friends will stay away, or be busy when you want to talk to them. Your luck will suddenly seem bad. Work may suffer.
To clear negativity from your aura, you’ll need to do a cleansing ritual. If the negativity is too thick or deeply embedded, you may need someone else to help you clear you aura. Because we are all creatures of energy, negative energy will affect you as much as positive energy.
Negative energy affects you in a negative way.

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