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Courage is dynamic action. Courage means putting yourself in a position that is outside your comfort zone. It is a growth-orientated energy.

Courage comes from the heart.

You naturally radiate heart energy – love, encouragement, support, guidance, growth. All of that is intended to radiate outward from you. But when you discourage yourself or someone else, you limit that energy. You squeeze down on the amount of love that travels outwards from your heart.

For example, you can tell yourself, “I’m a beautiful, accomplished, well educated person.” But what if your heart and mind say, “Wrong. Here’s a list of all my faults.” You won’t listen to the positive self-talk. You’ll listen to your heart, because that energy, that thought, is driven by emotion which comes from your subconscious.

You want positive self-talk to work, because you want to move away from seeing yourself as a loser. But unless your subconscious aligns with the way you and others talk to you, believing or manifesting change will be difficult.

Take baby steps.

At your core, you’re unique and wonderful. But your public image, the person everyone knows and sees, has been shaped by society. Many of your ideas about yourself were formed by people’s behaviours and attitudes towards you. Your mind doesn’t keep every word or action in its consciousness. But your mind does store every idea, word, and action in its subconscious. These memories wait for triggers to take them to the surface.

Using affirmations and talking to yourself in a loving manner can be tough. It’s not easy when you haven’t heard others say loving things to you. But change starts with baby steps. So be kind to yourself. Don’t expect sudden change. Take the small changes as they come.

Courage is emotion.

When you pray, it’s not the words or the ritual that creates change. It’s the emotion. The energy that moves from deep within your consciousness. That energy lets you connect with God and manifest what you have your heart set on.

When you set your heart on something, you become very dynamic. You fill yourself with solid energy that moves you past where you think you’re capable of going. It takes you outside your comfort zone. This is how you break down your walls. This is how you transcend your limits.

Stretch past your comfort zone!

Courage lets you put yourself in a situation that’s uncomfortable. By stretching past your comfort zone, and by being passionate while you’re there, your life becomes bigger. Your life expands. So if you stand up to your boss, or to some authority, and say, “This is wrong. I’m choosing to do this,” it’s courage that moves you to that spot.

Once you stretch past your comfort zone, your comfort edges will change. Even if you zoom right back to where you feel comfortable and familiar with life, your space is no longer limited the way it was originally. Like a stretched sweater, you have new room to move. You can be more courageous, and stand up for your beliefs, to speak your truth. Dare to be remarkable!

~ Terezia Farkas

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