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There are many reasons why talking about depression is good. You can help someone deal with negative thoughts, overcome stigma, manage depression symptoms, and even survive the dark night of the soul.

Talking about depression gives voice to your pain

One reason for talking about depression is that it gives voice to your pain. There’s a social movement towards open discussion of mental health issues, and helping people deal with their emotional pain. Before that, stigma prevented people from talking about mental health, which meant people were unable to help each other. Helping each other is a fundamental human desire, not to mention a Christian ideal.

Depression harbours lots of deep pain. That emotional and mental anguish shows up as physical pain, like body aches and joint pain, hair loss, no appetite, lack of sleep, and dental problems.

Reach out for help

Depression is painful. You might not always feel like talking about the pain, or even acknowledging its presence. But, talking about how awful you feel is like a release valve. All that negative self talk and guilt suddenly leaves your head. For a moment at least you can feel more alive, and even relax.

Telling someone, “I’m depressed,” or “I think I might be depressed,” is a good thing. It’s a step towards getting help. It’s a movement toward life, towards choosing living over dying. It also releases negative energy and brings a sense of hope.

Talking about depression is necessary. The benefits go beyond the person.

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. (

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