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Depression frees anxiety and fear inside you, so you explode at the slightest emotional pressure. The more depressed I became, the more I started loosing my patience with people and situations. I lost my temper easily. I blew up over the least offensive comment or look, and got frustrated with daily chores. My patience was out the window before I knew it. As depression worsened, I was hardly patient, nor did I want to wait for things.

Patience makes you healthier

Patience is your ability to accept delay, or tolerate trouble or suffering without getting angry. You are the calm person while everyone else is panicking or getting angry. You are level-headed, can see clearly the situation, and behave in a responsible, even manner.

Everyone has the capacity for patience. But, everyone has a different level of patience. Anger and stress are harmful to the human body over a long period of time. So if you can master patience, you will tend to live a happier, longer life.

The power of patience

Some people think patience is giving up or rolling over. It’s not.

Patience is power. It’s your power to overcome frustration and anger. Patience frees you emotionally from bad situations, and negative people. Patience is the practice of waiting, watching, and knowing when to act.

It’s you returning to your inner soul, that place of serenity and calm and knowing what to do. It’s you listening to your inner voice. It’s you taking back your power, and putting it out into the world in a strong, positive way.

While everyone has the ability for patience, it’s a skill that needs to be practiced. And it needs nurturing. Don’t put yourself into stressful situations just to prove how patient you can be. Good judgement is part of being patient.

If you’re depressed, and loosing your patience easily, don’t sweat it. Patience will return once you get a grip on the darkness that’s engulfed you. If you’re not patient, you will need to let people around you know that its something you don’t have anymore. They will have to adjust to you. When you’re stronger emotionally, patience will return.

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