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In non-attachment, you are able to let go of your desire for things, people, or ideas. If you are able to stop clinging to things or people, you will ultimately have less stress, anxiety, and fear. That’s because the more you desire something or someone, or are fixated on an idea, the more stress you put yourself under.

Stress leads to anxiety. Can I get this? Does she love me? Will being at the top of my profession really lead to more love and respect? The more anxious you get, the more fear creeps in with ideas of what could go wrong.

Own Your Life

Non-attachment means you can go on with your life with less stress, anxiety, and fear. Non-attachment can give you a heightened perspective of what’s really important. Non-attachment also protects you from making wrong choices. Things or people don’t have such a hold on you that you make a wrong choice. Instead of letting people or things own your life, YOU own YOUR life! What an awesome way to live!

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