Depression Help

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The hashtag #HowIFightDepression was recently trending on Twitter. Mental health is a movement that can’t be ignored! “How I fight depression” is the daily mantra for all of us who suffer with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. No one wants to be depressed. No one deserves to be depressed.

Depression is a mental illness. Getting treated for depression should be as normal as going to your dentist for a tooth ache. There shouldn’t be any shame or stigma. You shouldn’t be afraid you’ll be mocked, or that your family will throw you out. You should feel free to talk about depression.

Twitter bands together

One way to fight depression is to break the stigma and silence of mental illness. People were telling personal stories, offering advice, and giving support to anyone suffering from depression. It was beautiful, because open dialogue is what people suffering with depression and anxiety need. Here’s a couple of tweets that are uplifting and supportive.

Thanks to these people and the millions of others who shared their stories, thoughts, and prayers. We’ve come a long way in how we talk about mental illness.


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