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At Halloween, we like to dress up in scary costumes and get frightened. But how many ghosts have you or your pets seen? And what day do you think is safe for not seeing a ghost?

Three in five people say they’ve seen a ghost.

The Independent newspaper reported that 40% of people think their pet has had a supernatural experience. One in three had either lived or stayed in a house they felt was haunted.

I’ve lived in two haunted houses. These houses looked normal but they were full of the supernatural. As a child I saw ghosts. Full body apparitions whose faces and features were clear. I’d hear footsteps in the hallway or kitchen when I was the only person home. I watched a black cat on my dresser vanish into thin air. At night, I’d feel someone caress my hair and then I’d feel the mattress sink in beside my body. My mother and grandmother warned me not to tell anyone about my experiences. How times have changed! Talking about ghostly experiences is pretty popular on Twitter and Facebook.

Sightings of ghosts

Brandwatch did some spooky social data analysis in 2016. Of Twitter users who used the words “I saw a ghost”, there were over 900 sightings. Looking at the data, Bandwatch recommends the following:

Time of day to avoid ghosts is 4 pm. That’s the time most people have ghost sightings. You’re least likely to see a ghost between 5 am and 6 am.

Day you’re most safe from ghosts is Tuesday. Thursday is also safe. The other days of the week are pretty much fair game.

Does going to church help keep ghosts away?

Tough one, but people who go to church don’t report seeing as many ghosts. Maybe they just don’t want to talk about it.

Tracking ghost sightings has become a fun Halloween event. There are tours of haunted places. It’s funny how a haunted pub always seems to be included in a ghost tour.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, enjoy Halloween!

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