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Essential Oils In Smudge Sprays

If you look on the internet for smudge sprays, you’ll find as many different recipes for smudge sprays as there are essential oils! That’s because modern sage smudge sprays have at least two or more essential oils. 

Traditional or New Age smudge spray? 

There’s some controversy about what makes up a traditional smudge spray. Traditional Native American smudges use sage, lavender, cedar, sweetgrass, and tobacco. These form the core of the smudging ceremony. However, the same items that are burned by one culture in a smudge ceremony, may be taboo to burn in another. And while one culture might use sage for healing, another uses sage only for cleansing. Nor are all the items always used for smudging.

New Age smudge sprays incorporate the traditional herbs and cedar with other essential oils. New Age and Traditional use smudging sprays for protection, cleansing, and healing. 

Sage smudge spray recipe

In “Sage Smudge Spray Recipe”, I gave an easy, basic recipe for a sage smudge spray.  The recipe asks you to add another essential oil to the mix.

Some essential oils usually added to a Sage Smudge Spray are:

  • Cedar or lemon to increase sacred clearing properties.
  • Lavender for a pleasant, soothing scent. Great for relieving anxiety and generating pleasant dreams.
  • Geranium for someone very sensitive to negative energies. Geranium lets negative energies pass through you without affecting you, even if these energies are deliberately being directed towards you.
  • Rose to purify negative energy.
  • Sunflower to balance your solar plexus. Sunflower brings the energy of the sun into your being, brightening up dark spaces and giving you courage and confidence.
  • Wasabi flower essence to burn away karmic ties.

Traditional smudge sprays

After researching the internet, it seems there are three essential oils of the Traditional smudge spray.

Sage is the backbone of any smudging ceremony. Sage attaches to negative energies, folds them back onto themselves, and thereby changes it into positive energy. Sage gives courage, wards off jealousy, increases mental acuity, and attracts prosperity.

Cedar attracts good spirits and eliminates negative energies. Cedar is used for protection, and thought to fend off bad spirits. First Nations peoples placed boughs of the white cedar on teepees to ward off lighting and protect those inside.

Palo Santo is a tree from South America, related to Frankincense, and thought to have mystical properties. It purifies objects, places, and peoples. Only fallen branches should be used, never ones cut from the tree.

If you know of a more traditional smudge spray, I’d be interested to hear about it. Toss me a line or two. Let me know what you think about smudge sprays!

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