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Negativity causes unhappiness. When negativity takes over, almost every situation seems hopeless and unwanted. But not every situation is hopeless. Only your mind makes you believe it is.

Have you ever found yourself on holiday complaining about the quality of the hotel, the bad weather, the crappy food?  It might be true that the hotel isn’t up to the best standards. Maybe the weather isn’t as good as you had hoped.  Maybe the food is mediocre.  But you are on holiday in what is probably still a lovely place.  Relax!  Find something that makes you happy. Rejoice that you are able to take a holiday.

See the good in every situation.

Seeing the good in every situation isn’t always possible. Why? Because even if you look and find the good in every situation, there’s comes a point when your mind starts questioning if that ‘good’ really is all that good. Is what I think is a ‘good’ hotel really good? Or have I just not experienced a better hotel?

That’s how the human brain is always thinking of what you might be missing out on. And once you do find something that you think is better than what you’re used to, you won’t be able to see the ‘good’ in what you used to think was good. That hotel you used to love going to will now always have some fault or another.

So why try to see the good in every situation?

Well, the answer is that you see the good in every situation because you want to honour yourself as God intended you to. God wants you to be happy. He wants you to experience the world – the good and the bad. Yes, there’s a lot of negativity in the world. But God wants you to recognize hope, love, joy, and all the positive things in life. God wants you to realize that your soul is strong, that no matter what the world throws at you, you can handle! You are stronger than you believe.

So seeing the positive things in life doesn’t mean you’re hiding from reality. It doesn’t mean you’re unrealistic. No. It means you are able to see past the negativity and pain that blocks most people from seeing what real hope, joy, and love exists in the world. Focus on the good. Your positivity will attract more positivity!

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