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Creating your To Do List isn’t complicated. It only takes a few minutes of your time. Most people get stuck in their To Do List when they start judging it, because they’re really judging themselves – how well they can handle the stress or get the job done. Toss that attitude out!

Here’s how to create and LOVE your To Do list.

  1. Get a PAD of paper. A pad works best because it gives you lots of sheets to play with. You write a To Do item on each page and then toss the page as the task gets done. You can doodle on each page,while you procrastinate and your mind wanders. A pad lets you add tasks you think of later. A pad also can contain contacts to help you with your goal. An excellent feature of a pad of paper is it won’t get lost like a single sheet. pad of paper
  2. Begin by writing down everything you can think you need to do. Don’t skip items. Don’t start reading the list back to yourself. Don’t start judging the item – how long it will take to do, what are the chances it will happen, is it realistic, can you actually do it. Don’t try to decide how important the task is, or if it should be done at all. Just write it all down. Stop writing only when you’ve gotten everything out of your head and you can’t think of anything else you need to do. thinking
  3. Take a breath and release your fear! Looking at your list, you’ll probably say, “Wow!! How am I supposed to do any of that?!” Don’t feel overwhelmed. Yes, its a long list. It might even be enormous. But the list isn’t something that you will be doing everyday, or things that you can get done in 5 minutes. Realistically, the items will take time, will be tough to do, may need help doing, or will leave you feeling tired or exhausted. Realize and accept those facts. Then have fun with the next step.release your fear
  4. Give your list lots of TLC. Things that don’t get love, don’t do well. The same idea applies to your list. You need to look at the tasks on your To Do list and give them some TLC. Instead of thinking, “Oh God, when or how will I get this done?!” switch the negative thoughts around to positive ones. Positive energy begets positive results. Look at the task and think of the benefits completing that task brings. Think of all the positive results and how good it will make you feel at the end. Recognize that you may learn some new skill, or refine old skills. You may even get to some social networking involved which brings new friendships and people into your life. HeartToDoList
  5. Celebrate the task you finished! Make it party time when you complete a task! Why not? Celebrating the small things in life is part of a healthy lifestyle. It means giving yourself credit and loving yourself. Did you loose those 15 pounds you wanted? Celebrate! Did you create that birdhouse or fix the leaky plumbing? Yay! Celebrate that you learned new skills.celebration

Creating your To Do list isn’t complicated. What scares people away is the idea that the To Do list is long, difficult, and not worth it. Sure, the tasks can be all of those things. But the goal of a To Do list is about more than you finishing a task. It’s about your life, how you view yourself, and how you celebrate yourself.

What do you think? I’d like to hear from you.

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