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The daily mantra is a way to bring positivity to your day.

Daily mantras are a quick and free way to bring a bit of positive thought into your day. Some people like to say positive mantras first thing in the morning. Others prefer to say the mantras throughout the day. Staying on the bright side of life can be tough, but if you try to bring in a ray of light to your thoughts, the outcome can be amazing.

Here are some daily mantras to bring positivity to your outlook. Modify, switch them up, or alternate as you wish.

Drive your destiny.

My heart is open. I speak with loving words.

I am aware of my thoughts. I choose to listen to my positive thoughts to help steer me through this darkness.

I am in the process of positive changes.

Life is good.

Hope is real.


Mistakes are there to remind you, not guide you. Part of the human experience is making mistakes. Sometimes the lessons we learn are quick and easy. Other times the lessons are difficult and painful. Holy men and women have all made mistakes in their lives. Even Jesus allowed Himself to mistakes as part of his human experience, like when he strayed from his parents while they visited the temple, causing Mary and Joseph great worry because they couldn’t find Him. Mistakes teach you what to do in a particular circumstance or situation. Next time you will be equipped with knowledge and experience.

I am a child of the Universe, learning and growing in wisdom. I feel all the love that surrounds me and I forgive myself.

I accept my mistakes as learning experiences and appreciate the knowledge I have gained.

I am compassionate. I forgive myself.

 I am grateful for what I have, even if its not perfect.

I am wonderful in my imperfection. 

Positive Words and Chance Encounters

Choose a positive word to keep with you for the day. Positive words have a big impact on how the day can move forward with you. Positivity includes looking for hidden blessings and being open to messages from spirit. A encounter with someone can bring you a message of hope or peace. Be open to these messages, as they are signs of God and spirit working through people to bring you hope and peace.

My word of the day is _____________ I will keep that word with me today. 

There are blessings hidden everywhere. I will look and see them. 

I will release the things out of my control and be patient with things I cannot control.

I see the positive in myself. I nurture myself with self care and self love.

I have extraordinary within myself, waiting to be released.

Remember, a belief is only a thought you rehearsed enough times that it becomes a “belief”. It can be something hurtful once said to you, but you repeated it enough times that your subconscious actually believes it to be true.

Beliefs become incorporated into our beings over time. New thoughts create new beliefs. Try having small positive thoughts about difficult situations. Focus in on these thoughts to help you navigate through the darkness. Be open to spirit and God. Watch for signs through the day, and give thanks when you notice and receive positivity.

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