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The Storybook Project. Share your story of suicide and help someone.

What is the Storybook project?

The Story book project wants to break stigma about suicide. The Story book is about people whose lives have been touched by suicide. It is stories of people who attempted suicide and chose to live, and people whose loved ones made a suicide attempt or died by suicide.

The Ontario Depression Network (ODN), based in the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital, runs the project.

Story book project is looking for people who:

  • have attempted or contemplated suicide and have chosen to live
  • are survivors of suicide loss
  • have someone they care about who has made an attempt

Anyone who fits this criteria is invited to share his/her experience in a short story. The idea is to empower someone touched by suicide and educate the public about suicide. Selected stories will be published in a book.

Who can participate in the Storybook project?

  • Authors must be aged 18+
  • Previous writing experience is an asset but not necessary
  • Submission must be based on personal experience. Explicit content will not be published.
  • Option to publish anonymously or under a pseudonym (false name)


Where will my story go?

After review, all accepted stories are published online. A select number of stories will be printed in a book. Profits of the sales go to the ASR Chair in Suicide and Depression Studies. Published stories reflect different perspectives and types of experiences of suicide.

What’s the point of sharing my story?

  • Sharing your story helps raise awareness of suicide
  • Reduce the stigma associated with suicide
  • Writing a story can help encourage healing through creativity
  • It’s personally valuable to look back and see how you have grown and healed since the experience
  • Your story can comfort those experiencing suicidal thoughts or who have also attempted suicide
  • Your story may help give someone else hope
  • Remind someone that they are not alone

All proceeds from the Storybook project supports community outreach and research initiatives at the Arthur Sommer Rotenberg Suicide and Depression Studies program at St Michael’s Hospital.

Click here for more information on how to submit your story.

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