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God help me with my depression

It’s easy to blame the other guy when things go wrong, when life sucks, or the pain is unbearable. Suffering is never easy. If you’re Christian, you end up wondering where the h**l is God when you need him. God help me with my depression!

There’s a higher reason for your suffering.

God isn’t punishing you. You’re not depressed because God hates you or thinks you’re evil. Jesus on the cross forgave the sinner hanging beside him. If Jesus did that, it makes sense that God would forgive too.

God isn’t holding a grudge against you. Your suffering might be something that He and you agreed upon before you incarnated.

Depression might be an experience your soul chose to undergo in this lifetime. It might be an odd idea but think about it. When you chose to enter this world as a human being, your soul looked at all the experiences it wanted. Your soul is tough, eternal, and good. You choose to experience the good and the bad of being human. Depression is an experience you chose willingly so that you could understand why someone could feel so lost and despairing. Realizing that you chose to experience depression, that it’s not God punishing you, can ease some of your pain.

Your soul wanted or needed to experience depression to attain a higher spiritual level.

Your soul is always seeking the next higher level of being, the next higher level of godliness and being close to the Supreme Being. All souls want to evolve. The most evolved souls teach others. These teachers seek out lessons and experiences in order to show others ways of coping and dealing with issues. You might be a teacher or an enlightened soul who is helping others by showing them paths through the darkness. Or it might be that in one lifetime your soul made a choice that you regretted in the afterlife. Now you can make a different choice when you’re confronted with a similar situation, and by passing that test move up in your spiritual level.

Ask God for help.

Talk to God openly and honestly. Admit to God or the Supreme Being of your belief that you need help going forward. It’s not a weakness to admit that you’re feeling broken or don’t have the motivation to keep going. Your angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and soul family are forever at your side, waiting for you to ask for their help. They never abandoned you. These souls are helping you with gentle words of encouragement and bringing people into your life. You think it’s a coincidence that suddenly you’re meeting others who are depressed or that someone offers to help you. All prayers are answered, but sometimes the answers don’t happen in the way we want or expect them.

Ask your local church or faith community for help.

Many churches and faith communities have groups that specialize in ministering to ailing members. Yes, depression is an ailment. Most churches and faith groups realize that depression is a physical condition and that it’s not a punishment from God. If a church or faith group says you’re being punished by God or deserve your pain, then get away from them as quickly as you can. Depression isn’t God’s punishment and no one deserves the pain of anxiety and depression. If you find a good church or faith group that respects you and is truly there to help you, don’t worry if you question your faith or get into debates. Questioning God and faith is part of depression.

Don’t be hard on yourself for loosing faith.

Depression will make anyone question their role in life. So why wouldn’t you start questioning other things about religion? Faith is what you believe and in the darkness, faith often finds other illumination. When you start getting out of depression, you begin to see the world in a more profound and true way than before. People might think you’ve lost faith, but you’ve actually become a more spiritual person. What you are now is a more loving, honest and true reflection of your soul.

Depression takes a toll on your mind and soul. Healing your mind and soul when depressed needs to be hand in hand solution. You can’t ignore the questions your soul is confronted with, nor should you. Questioning faith isn’t something that’s meant to be frightening. It’s meant to enlighten and take you to the next higher level of being.

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Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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