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Did you know that your aura affects your health? Or that changes to your aura can also affect shifts in your conscious behaviour?

An aura is defined as a luminous glow or radiation that surrounds a person’s body in a flowing pattern. Some suggest it’s the halo of religious figures that the Bible and other religious books describe. Modern science though says that all humans have an aura. Some people are more adept at seeing it than others.

Your heart emits electromagnetic fields that change with your mood. That field, or aura, changes with positive and negative moods. Mood really does affect your aura because mood changes your body’s electromagnetic rhythms – the beating of your heart and the electromagnetic energies of your brain.

Researchers have examined how the heart and brain communicate with each other, and how that affects our consciousness and the way in which we perceive our world. For example, when a person is feeling really positive emotions like gratitude, love, or appreciation, the heart beats out a certain message. Because the heart beats out the largest electromagnetic field produced in the body, researchers are able to gather significant data from it. According to Rolin McCratey, Ph.D, and Director of Research at the Institute:

Emotional information is actually included and modulated into these fields. By learning to shift our emotions, we are changing the information coded into the magnetic fields that are radiated by the heart, and that can impact those around us. We are fundamentally and deeply connected with each other and the planet itself, and what we do individually really does count and matters. (source)

Depression changes the rhythm of your aura. Your aura becomes darker, with more greys. The vibrant high energy colours like red are gone. Even the shape of your aura changes. Your aura bulges with energy distortions. Illness also changes your aura. Illness affects your heart and mind, shifting chemicals around your body and changing the electromagnetic properties. The healthier you are, the more in balance your body is electromagnetically, the more vibrant and more colours your aura has.

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