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#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs is trending today on Twitter. There are so many great comments and thoughts being shared. Here’s a few to help you or anyone you know suffering from depression. What do you think the worst part of depression is?

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs people telling you that you’re just going through a little phase.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs that everyone thinks it’s a choice to be depressed.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs the lies your brain tells you about your own worth.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs the guilt. Feeling like you are letting everyone down. That those you love deserve someone better.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs not admitting/realizing soon enough you have it. It’s never too late to get help!

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs people asking, “What do you have to be depressed about?”

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs fighting a disorder that wants to kill you. Knowing that depression lies but not being sure which are the lies.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs trying to live a normal life that includes work, relationships, health, etc when you have zero energy.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs losing amazing people to it.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs not that you feel bad… you literally don’t feel ANYTHING. Its complete and absolute emptiness.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs that you can’t help everyone.

For me, #TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs that people think you’re lying about it if you smiled that one time.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs that it’s responsible for 60% of all deaths by suicide, making it the most ignored epidemic in our history.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs that your best friend and confidante is your bed, and not an actual person.

#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs believing the world could go on without you when that belief is NOT true. Each person is incredibly PRECIOUS!

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