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Well, this left me speechless.

Openly gay Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson has decided that the best way to attract people to his cause is by tearing down others.

Here, as part of the “It Gets Better” project (designed to help young people cope with their homosexuality), he goes after Southern Baptists, Mormons and the Catholic Church — and more or less decides that not only are they all “flat out wrong,” but that he alone “as a religious person” knows the mind of God. (Funny, on his laundry list of “wrong” religions, he doesn’t mention Islam, or the Muslim countries that retain capital punishment for homosexuality.)

As a friend pointed out: “Remember the stink when Benedict began the Anglican ordinariate, how he was ‘trolling’ for members? THIS is what trolling looks like.”

It’s not pretty. Robinson is entitled to his opinion, and his own moral theology.  We can respectfully disagree about his conclusions.  But I can’t respect the way he has gone about brazenly dismissing (and, in fact, misrepresenting) the moral teachings of others. 

This sort of proselytizing is both uncharitable and offensive.

UPDATE:  For a Catholic response to the tragedy of gay bullying and suicide, check out Fr. Jim Martin’s excellent post and prayer.

UPDATE II: My brother deacon, Scott Dodge, has some sage thoughts on the Robinson video. And Scott has also reminded us of how Pope Benedict addressed a question about young people and homosexuality during his recent visit to Malta. It’s worth re-reading.

Homophobia in the Church? Really?

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