The number-one rated nightly news anchor — and the only one of the Big Three who is Catholic — pours out his soul to Elle (well, sort of) in an interview that, among other things, touches rather unexpectedly on the sacrament of confession:

ELLE: You’ve described your late mother as a “very old-school Catholic” who would take the $7 train ride from New Jersey to New York for confession.

BW: I know! I feared she was a member of the Gambino crime family.

ELLE: But seriously, how bad does a sin have to be to be worth seven bucks?

BW: I’m sure what she was confessing to wouldn’t impress anyone. She probably said, “I used the Lord’s name in vain, and I went right on red even though the sign said not to.” She just didn’t like it when Monsignor Bulman turned to his left and looked through the screen. And having been there, I agree with her.

And how many of us haven’t been in that position? That’s about as Catholic as the interview gets, but there is also some insight into the anatomical reasons why some men have to wear pleated pants. Don’t ask.

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