I get that question a lot — as do many deacons, I’m sure. (Actually, more often, they ask me, “Father, will you give me a blessing?”  That ranks up there with “Father, can you hear my confession?” as one of the more popular post-mass greetings…)  

Anyway…canon lawyer Ed Peters has just posted a timely and helpful primer about blessings and indulgences — especially in connection with priests and their first mass. 

But he’s also included a section about deacons:

Deacons are authorized to give any blessings so listed in the Book of Blessings and several such blessings could be appropriately given by a deacon immediately after his ordination. See 1983 CIC 1169.3, and, e.g., Shorter Book of Blessings, passim, but especially the Appendix “Solemn Blessing and Prayers over the People”.

Check out more at the link.

Meantime, as fate would have it, I have an appointment tonight to bless a parishioner’s car.  
The prayer, from the Book of Blessings: 
All powerful God,
Creator of heaven and earth,
in the rich depths of your wisdom
you have empowered us to produce great and beautiful works.      
Grant, we pray, that those who use this vehicle 
may travel safely, with care for the safety of others.
Whether they travel for business or pleasure, 
let them always find Christ to be the companion of their journey,
who lives and reigns forever and ever.
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