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Remember Joe Eszterhas? In the 1980s, he gained considerable notoriety for penning Hollywood pulp that included “Flashdance,” “Betrayed,” “Sliver,” “Basic Instinct,” and “Showgirls” (which won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screenplay.) He battled throat cancer a few years back …Read More

Yep. Hard to believe, but true. At a time when Catholic schools are closing, are raising tuition to levels many parents can’t afford, one school in Pennsylvania is bucking the trend. It’s free. From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: When the Rev. …Read More

Looking for Mr. (or Ms. or Miss) Right? Take a number and get in line. A lot of Catholics are looking, literally and figuratively, for their soul mate. Which makes this charming essay by John Zmirak all the more poignant …Read More

I got an e-mail the other day from a reader in Minnesota who took issue with this blog post, quoting Curt Jester (Jeff Miller) who said (among other things): “How comes the ‘women’s ordination movement’ doesn’t have any seminaries? They …Read More

He’s been mentioned on the short list of John McCain’s possible running mates. And now Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is getting closer scrutiny from the media. The Wall Street Journal recently looked at his remarkable faith journey: In 1988, 16-year-old …Read More

John Allen’s column for the New York Times on Humanae Vitae provoked some strong reaction — and if you want to read a sample, head over to the Times editorial page today and read a few of the letters. An …Read More

Above is the “word cloud” that someone created of the top 20 most-used words that people posted at about Randy Pausch. Now a woman who wrote one of the many obituaries about Randy has shed some light on the …Read More

That could happen, if Virginia Governor Tim Kaine joins the ticket. Kaine’s biography describes him as being active in his local church, and he spent a year after college working as a missionary with Jesuits in Central America. He’s also …Read More

While the world watches and wonders what will be happening with the Anglicans — and if we might see a small stampede of new Catholic priests with families in tow — it’s worthwhile to pause and direct our attention toward …Read More

This slipped under the radar, but it’s worth noting. The Archbishop of St. Louis has lifted a widely reported order of excommunication. From Zenit: Three leaders of a former St. Louis parish who incurred excommunication for hiring a suspended priest …Read More