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It’s not every day that you encounter the CEO of a major corporation who is also a devout Catholic. But the Associated Press just ran this intriguing profile of the new head of Eli Lilly and Co., and it bears …Read More

What’s the most popular name for a Christian church? A reporter in Chicago conducted an informal survey of the Windy City and found some interesting answers: If church names are any indication, St. Paul is the most popular saint in …Read More

America on Wednesday will welcome a new cathedral — or co-cathedral — in the Lone Star State, as the shiny new co-cathedral of the Sacred Heart finally is dedicated in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. It’s been a massive undertaking — …Read More

You never know where a deacon will pop up. This item about a deacon in prison ministry comes from a newspaper in Canada, and columnist Peter Duffy. It illustrates the surprising and vitally important work deacons are doing beyond the …Read More

Sometimes, the most effective evangelists use unexpected tools. This fascinating piece from The Catholic Herald in Wisconsin profiles an actor who is turning his passion for theater into The Passion: Silence enveloped the audience at the Cathedral of St. John …Read More

Predictably, there’s a flurry of press coverage these days about the pope’s upcoming visit to the U.S. — and the New York Times has contributed a snowflake or two with this profile of the papal nuncio, whom The Gray Lady …Read More

A hearty “Deacon’s Bench” hello to a shiny new deacon’s blog — from Brooklyn, no less! — focusing on art and the church. It’s the brainchild of an artist and brother deacon by the name of Bernard M. Deschler, whose …Read More

The astonishing story of the Muslim who was baptized by the Pope at the Easter Vigil now has another interesting twist. He will be married in the Church next month: The Muslim journalist Magdi Allam, who was received into the …Read More

The Christopher Awards are among the most meaningful prizes bestowed during the springtime awards season; they recognize not only achievement, but also values. (Department of Full Disclosure: Your Humble Blogger has one on his shelf, from 2002, for co-writing the …Read More

My father was a Pennsylvania Democrat, from the coal mines of Scranton, back in the day when it meant supporting people like Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy. So it’s with no small amount of interest that I read today about how …Read More