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The Vatican has just issued some guidelines and a clarifying statement on the sacrament of baptism and its validity that may throw some people into a tizzy — and maybe make a few lose sleep: Doctrinal and ecumenical officials at […]

The pope’s upcoming trip now has an official souvenir. From a sidebar in USA Today: The first officially announced souvenir for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit is a tiny T-shirt for a teddy bear, says Archdiocese of Washington spokeswoman Susan Gibbs. […]

Presumptive GOP nominee John McCain got slammed the other day for accepting the endorsement of someone who’s not exactly friendly toward the Catholic Church: The president of the Catholic League blasted John McCain on Thursday for accepting the endorsement of […]

Need an upper today? This piece from a paper in Pittsburgh just might do the trick: He’s known from Pittsburgh to Guam, offering a message redeemable by all ages. His caring and compassion have comforted as many as 15,000 in […]

I have, of late, been in a rather funereal state of mind. It hurts to lose a friend. But when someone showed me the clip below — unaware of just what’s been going on in my life lately — I […]

Not long ago, I posted about Deacon Jim, classmate and brother deacon and friend, who was diagnosed with cancer. Last night, Jim’s journey came to an end. Lord, who shall be admitted to your tentand dwell on your holy mountain? […]

That’s the serious, but provocative, question Rod Dreher posed in his blog this morning, springboarding off yesterday’s report from the Pew Forum: Why do you think people leave the Catholic Church? We tend to accept the explanation that suits what […]

Pope Benedict met with members of an international gathering of doctors and medical personnel and used the occasion to reaffirm the Church’s teachings on euthanasia: The Holy Father received participants in an international congress entitled: “Close by the Incurable Sick […]

A police dog wearing foot protection is seen in a photo provided by police in Duesseldorf, western Germany, on Monday Feb. 25, 2008. Police dogs in Duesseldorf will no longer get their feet dirty on patrol: The entire dog unit, […]

Well, this piece of news left me shocked, simply shocked, from CNS: A prominent Polish priest said young priests are using the Internet to plagiarize homilies for Masses. “If a priest takes another person’s text and presents it as his […]