Looking for a room for the Super Bowl?

No problem. Really. There is a little heavenly help available, according to this item in the New York Daily News:

Nuns at a Phoenix monastery are renting out 10 of their rooms – at a rate far cheaper than local hotels – to fans descending on the Valley of the Sun.

The nuns are charging $250 a night, a bargain compared with the $500 rate at a nearby Super 8 and the $1,000 a night it would take to rent a private home.

There’s one catch: No alcohol and no smoking in the monastery.

“We’re simply asking our guests to be respectful of where they are,” Sister Linda Campbell of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery told the Daily News.

“There’s not a curfew, and our guests can certainly party elsewhere, but we ask that there can’t be any smoking or alcohol here,” she said.

The immaculately manicured 2-acre monastery is just 3 miles from the Super Bowl stadium. It has been popular for religious retreats since it opened in 1997.

The three nuns in residence have been looking for a way to pay off loans they took out recently to expand the monastery. The Super Bowl offered them the perfect money-making opportunity, Campbell said.

“I heard that some people nearby were trying to rent out their homes for more than a $1,000, and I just couldn’t believe it,” said Campbell, who will be celebrating her 40th anniversary as a nun this year.

“We’re not trying to be greedy, and we especially wanted to help out families who want to see the game.”

Six of the rooms – which feature simple but comfortable beds and tasteful decorations, though no TV – have been reserved by guests from New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut, Campbell said.

One of the rooms was rented by a father and his 6-year-old son after the boy broke his leg.

The dad “wanted someplace that would be less hectic and easier to manage,” Campbell said. “We were glad to help.”

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