Cleverbot LogoIn today’s conversation with Cleverbot, I wanted to see what it thought about vacations. Inexplicably, the conversation turned immediately to fatherhood, and I am totally not making this up. Cleverbot must know about this blog.


[ME]: Do you like to go on vacations?

[Cleverbot]: Have you met my father, peter pan?

Wait a second. Peter Pan is your father?

He is. How is your father in the dreams?

He’s fine, but I haven’t had any dreams about him lately, Dr. Freud.

How old are you then?

I’m 37. While we’re on the subject, have you read “Dreams of My Father” by Barack Obama?


Many times?

Do you nodus anything piculuer.

Whoa, spelling fail. What did you think about “Dreams of My Father”?

I think Obama and McCain are stupid.

Both of them? Why?

Gold is a metal and also a colour.

So is silver. And bronze.

Silver what?

I’d prefer to ask the questions. Do you like vacations?

Very well. I will grant you one question. Ask wisely.

Thanks, my liege. Do you like vacations?



Thank you, Cleverbot, for turning my questions about vacationing into a discussion of politics, precious metals, and things that are piculuer.

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