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Real Life with SagittariusAs I get ready to celebrate my BFF’s birthday tomorrow, it’s time to reflect on one of the things I love about her the most — her zodiac sign.

My best friend Elizabeth is a Sagittarius, and she’s completely awesome. She’s so awesome, in fact, that she goes by Liz instead of Elizabeth because it’s less stuffy and more suited to her active social life and sense of adventure.

Does that make sense? “Elizabeth” would host a quiet tea party in her living room, while “Liz” would travel the world and enjoy her tea in the Sahara with you, me and as many friends as she could fit on the camel train.

Sagittarius is so much fun that they’re capable of being TOO MUCH FUN, but more than anything I love ’em to death. Always the life of the party, Sag loves to talk about all things philosophical, and they’ll never turn down an invitation to do something exciting, make a new friend or learn a new skill.

Liz and I have gone to a bazillion parties, hiked miles up steep mountains, kayaked in rough rivers and stayed up all night talking and analyzing and philosophizing about life, love and everything in between.

Of course, I must add that Liz does occasionally get herself into trouble, which is pretty typical of Sagittarius — that’s where the too-much-fun part comes in. Sagittarius can get so caught up in the spirit of adventure that they can become a little reckless, but fortunately Liz is also one of the smartest people I know and she always gets out of awkward situations with a good story to tell.

As a hyperactive Gemini with a dramatic Leo Rising, I’m particularly suited to get along swimmingly with Sagittarius. And Liz has a Gemini Moon, which makes us even more compatible. I’m so lucky I can keep up with her!

I’m pretty sure that someday after we’ve lived full lives and all our friends and loves have gone, that together we’ll find our way to side-by-side bungalows on some hoppin’ tropical island where we can hike into the jungles with our canes and then write long novellas about our epic lives.

Yeah, that’s my Liz, a Sagittarius and a sweetie to her core.

By the way, I’m not the only one to appreciate Sagittarius so much, either. You should read Astrologer Maria DeSimone’s blog about Real Life with Sagittarius — she knows a Sag she calls her “fun friend,” so she’s a big fan, too. Check it out!

Happy Birthday, Liz!

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