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Cosmic Tips to Conquer Holiday Family Stress at Tarot.comHere we are, smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. How did this happen? Last I checked it was still summer and I was camping up a storm. Now the only camping I see are folks on the news sleeping outside of Best Buy, waiting to get their greedy mitts on the latest, greatest piece of whatever it is they can’t live without.

I detest holiday shopping. I prefer to give my friends and family small, meaningful cards and gifts that don’t cost a fortune and don’t require waiting in line or fighting for. All that frenzied pushing and shoving stresses me out, so I just don’t participate.

Family is another thing that stresses out a lot of people during the holidays, which is why so many movies and urban legends arise about someone inevitably blowing a gasket during holiday family gatherings.

My own family is quite large, with a lot of differing opinions on everything from politics and religion to food, fashion and favorite TV shows. It’s inevitable when they all get together that I’ll witness an argument over one of those things, and yep — it stresses me out.

I just read this article that gives tips on how every sign can best avoid letting their family dynamics stress them out during the holidays, and as a Gemini it recommends I do yoga or something that will calm my overactive mind.

Nice! Can you picture if my aunt is yelling at my mom about whether or not to put whipped cream in the fruit salad, and all of a sudden I start doing the Downward Dog in the middle of the kitchen? Sweet. I’m going to try it.

What stresses you most during the holidays? Does your family drive you nuts? I know you love them, but c’, mon, of course they do! So here, get some cosmic tips on how to cope. Happy holidays!

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