Cosmic Candor

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re all preparing to gather with family and friends to celebrate the things you’re grateful for. That sounds a little hokey, but I mean it.

And you know what? If you’re not getting together with family and friends, that’s ok, too. It’s perfectly fine to give thanks for turkey TV dinners and a little quiet time alone, which I know more than a few of my own friends are grateful for. After all, it’s a fast-paced world and Thanksgiving offers a break — whether you choose to spend it alone or in a group.

As for me, I’m celebrating my first Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family, and while I’ve met his mom many times before, we’ve never sat down to a holiday meal together. She’s a Pisces, which is a very loving sign, so I know I’ll feel cared for in their home.

Actually, I looked up some Astrology tips for meeting the parents at, and this article recommends that I share my hopes and dreams with her as a way of making conversation and bonding. I’m a chatty Gemini, so that should be no problem at all — if there’s anything I love talking about, it’s ME! 😉

We also had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner yesterday in which I brought my boyfriend out to dinner with my dad for the first time, too, and I must say it went very well. My boyfriend is a Gemini and my dad’s a Leo, which is a highly compatible combination. It was all just laughing and jokes and a good time was had by all.

If you’re bringing a date home for the holidays for the first time, I highly recommend you look up your mom or dad’s zodiac sign and read these articles about meeting the parents. When it comes to introducing someone to mom and dad, a few cosmic tips can go a long way toward enhancing the whole group dynamic.

Personally, whenever I’m presented with such good advice, I gobble it up. Happy turkey day!

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