In the Name of God: The Extremely and Eternally Loving and Caring


Beautiful Beloved Lord my God,

You know, better than anyone in this universe, how I would quickly gloss over the horrific images coming out of Syria and Aleppo

You know, better than anyone in this universe, how I would try to always put the thoughts of what’s happening there out of my mind

And You know, better than anyone in this universe, that it was because I was ashamed; ashamed at my inability to do anything to help them

There is plenty of blame to go around for the carnage in Syria.

We, the entire human community, failed the innocents in Syria

Yet, worse yet, we – the Muslim community – failed the innocents of Syria even more

You told us that they are our sisters and brothers; You told us that You made their lives sacred

Yet, the Muslim world failed them. And it failed them miserably.

What’s worse, as You know, Muslims were actively involved in the carnage.

Savages – posing as Your “warriors” – committed horrific atrocities in Your name

And others – who claim to rule by Your law – fuel the fires of conflict on both sides

The shame of this horrible war is too ugly to bear, O Beautiful Lord, and there is nothing left to say.

Except, O Lord, I am sorry.

Forgive me for my inability to help.

Forgive me for my indifference.

Forgive me for not doing more to help the innocents who suffered so much.

Please, O Lord, do not judge me harshly for my failures.

Please, O Lord, look upon me with Grace, Mercy, and Love, despite my weakness

Please, O Lord, accept me into Your Presence despite the ugliness of my conduct on earth

And please, O Lord, shower Your Grace, Your Mercy, and Your Comfort on all those who are suffering, not only in Syria, but all over the world.

Please, O Lord, grace us with Your Mercy, otherwise we will all be forever lost.


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