In 2002, the Bush Administration created a Muslim Registration Database, called NSEERS. It was finally dismantled in 2011 by President Obama and had a perfect score of 0 terrorists caught out of 100,000 registered.

The architect of NSEERS, Kris Koback, was just named to Donald Trump’s Presidential transition team, alongside Islamophobia Industry scion Frank Gaffney (maybe).

Trump spokespeople openly cite the Japanese Internment as precedent for registering Muslims. And our mainstream media helpfully points out that a Muslim Registry wouldn’t even be unconstitutional.

All of which is fine, just fine. Let the Registry come. But I will not register. Whatever the consequence of not registering may be, I will not register.

Perhaps other Muslims may choose to register. I’ll even publish their argument here if they desire. But I will not register.

Some Jewish Americans have stated – with indescribable courage – that if the Muslim Registry happens, they too will register. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude and my awe. Muslims and Jews in America are uniting as I’ve long argued we must, well before Trump. But I ask them to reconsider, because I certainly wouldn’t want them to risk their own civil liberties on my behalf. I will not register. I would prefer that no one register. We need Jewish support for when we refuse to register first; if that civil disobedience fails, then we will need their solidarity, but let’s aim to misbehave first. #DoNotRegister.

“May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.” — Captain Mal

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