I’ve been invited to discuss the recent story about Pakistani-Americans traveling to Pakistan to fight alongside the Taliban, and the general issue of whether domestic “home-grown” terrorism is an issue, on NPR Los Angeles’ “To the Point” this afternoon (hosted by Warren Olney). Tune in to KCRW Los Angeles (streaming online here) from 2:10 – 2:45pm EST !

I hope I dont make a fool of myself. More than usual, that is 😛

UPDATE: Here’s the segment at KCRW’s website, including links to download the MP3. I was disappointed I didn’t get to interact directly with Spencer Ackerman, who I’ve been a huge fan of ever since his Iraq’d column at TNR during the Bush years. His recent piece arguing that the ObamAdmin overstates the domestic terrorism threat was part of the debate and really worth reading. Also, I really thought Brian Jenkins of RAND Corp did a great job refuting the nonsense from Walid Phares.

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