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Thabet exposes the elephant in the room regarding the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes by British police a few years ago:

Which leads to me to a point not even the most harshest critic of the establishment has raised yet. The unmentioned racism. I remember this incident soon after the failed attempt to bomb Stockwell tube station
(I had just come back from a horrible stint offshore in the North Sea,
so remember that whole week very well). There were repeated news
reports on television about the dead man being “Pakistani-looking”.
Yet, the police were after Hamdi Adu Issac
(or Osman Hussain), who is not Pakistani but Ethiopian. They all look
alike right? What is even more absurd is Jean Charles De Menezes was Brazilian. And not even a black- or otherwise dark-skinned Brazilian. Look at the picture the Met Police used in a health and safety case
to defend their actions. What is similar about them? They have two
eyes? A nose? Mouth? Ears? Some hair?! Not surprisingly, in the
aftermath of the De Menezes killing (extra-judicial state execution),
De Menezes was accused of being an illegal immigrant (which, as far as
I know, he wasn’t). I wonder who put that rumour out?

Immigrant. Brown-skinned. Pakistani-looking. “Foreign”. Enough to
get you shot dead even though those with the power to take your life
have not bothered to properly verify who you are.

The jury was forbidden from ruling that de Menezes’ death was unlawful, so they did the best they could and returned an “open verdict”. Simply put, the government is trying to evade justice, and de Menezes’ killers are above the law. That’s why thabet keeps referring to the murder as an “extrajudicial state-sanctioned killing”.

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