Being a parent and hearing that your child has gone missing is a devastating feeling. Your mind starts racing as you think of all the possibilities of where they could be and what happened to them. You don’t want to believe that they are hurt or in danger, but you can’t help but feel that way. Luckily, it’s in times of tragedy that people come together and support one another. God tells us that we must look out for our fellow man in His name. 1 Thessalonians 5:14 reminds us to encourage the disheartened and help the weak. After her son went missing, Araceli Nunez needed all the support she could get.

3-year-old Christopher Ramirez went missing in Grimes County, Texas, after chasing his dog into the woods by his house. His mother knew something was wrong when the dog came back to the house without him. When Tim Haflin learned of the toddler’s disappearance, he was in Bible study. Devastated by the news, Heflin felt that God called him to go out and help look for the little boy. Haflin began his search in the woods behind Christopher’s home. Suddenly, he heard what he thought was Christopher’s voice. Unsure of what he heard, he called out to Christopher.

That’s when Heflin heard his voice again. After trudging through the woods, Haflin found Christopher alone and had taken off all of his clothes. Haflin quickly called 911, and the county sheriff’s deputies came to the scene and reunited Christopher with his mother. Four days after he went missing, Christopher was found. When he found Christopher, Halfin told Good Morning America that Christopher wasn’t scared or nervous as he expected. Haflin credited divine intervention for leading him to the missing child.

Before finding Christopher, the Grimes County Sheriff’s deputies spared no expense looking for the toddler. They used drones, aircraft, K-9 units, and search parties. Naturally, Christopher’s mother described being reunited with her son as incredible and a miracle. This story could have ended a different way. Thankfully, with the help of the community and especially Tim Haflin, Christopher was able to come back home to his mother and loved ones. This story also shows the strength of the Grimes County, Texas community. They could’ve easily turned a blind eye to the missing 3-year-old. However, they made the conscious decision to do the opposite. They knew the pain that Araceli Nunez was feeling and did everything to bring her little boy home.

There’s a saying that goes God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called. Tim Haflin may not have been an expert on finding missing children, but he’s who God called to discover Christopher. It may not have been a coincidence that Haflin was in Bible study when he heard Christopher was missing. God placed him in Bible study for that specific reason. This story is a testament to God using His people for the greater good. The sheriff’s department used drones and other kinds of tools in Christopher’s search. However, Tim Haflin found the toddler by listening to God’s calling.

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